Tuesday, November 20, 2012

100 Albums that Make Me Love Music: 59. Modest Mouse - We were dead before the ship even sank

I don’t remember this album coming out. I feel like Modest Mouse was a band that was popular for a single hit and then quietly disappeared into a career of occasionally having their songs pop up in Indie Film Soundtracks. Then during my senior year of college I took a Bi-Sci class. How teacher was this hot indie rock/hipster and she played us the song Parting of the Sensory in order to explain Biology to use (Someday you will die and somehow something’s gonna steal your carbon). About a week or two later Scrubs used the song Missing the Boat on an episode and I decided that I should pick up this record.

From the first ten seconds of March Into the Sea I realized that Modest Mouse had continued their ongoing evolution into one of the strangest and most unique bands out there. Issac Brock’s bizarre vocal style, catchy guitar hooks and awkward time signatures are scattered all over this record. While there’s no throwaway tracks there are definitely stand out tracks including the 3 tracks I’ve already mentioned as well as the first single Dashboard.

Almost all the tracks have an general “sailors sinking to their deaths” theme. While I don’t relate to this particular topic as I fear the ocean and think we all should Brock’s ability to write through each characters eyes/mind while making it all relatable is impressive.

If there was ever a song I wish I wrote though, it’s March into the Sea. It’s so bizarre Chaotic and fun.

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