Thursday, May 10, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film - 82. Rocky Horror Picture Show

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It seems there aren’t many horror movies that ‘rock’. I mean I can name a bunch Little Shop of Horrors, Rock N Roll Nightmare just to name a few. But apparently when it was Halloween VH1 had no option but playing nothing but Rocky Horror content all day long. If it wasn’t the movie it was a behind the music on the movie or a pop video of the movie. It was basically nothing but RHPS... and this is how I first discovered the film. 
I became obsessed with the movie, specifically the song Eddie’s Teddie. I loved this movie and quickly learned the lyrics to all the songs. However I rarely saw it live because to be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the live experience of the movie... I just enjoyed a fun b-movie/musical. The fans kinda annoyed me.
I started dating a girl a few years later and introduced her to the film. She became obsessed with it to a level that put me to shame. She went to a midnight screening every Saturday and even became a cast member. And then she dumped me.
It’s funny how we can connect things with people in our past and sometimes those people taint something we love. For a year after the break up Rocky Horror was ruined for me. For a while I thought I’d never watch the film again, which is what made me start to love Shock Treatment.
However, I couldn’t deny this movie any longer. After a year my fandom took over again and I decided re-watch it. Sure there was an aspect of remembering being drug to midnight screenings and stories of my now-ex hooking up with cast members but... I was able to look past that and enjoy the good times I had with the movie.
If you’ve seen the movie, you know what it’s about. If you haven’t seen the movie, I just recommend seeing it. It’s not for everyone but trying to explaining it will almost definitely make you lose interest in the movie before you’ve given it a fair shot.
Since there’s a chance that people are reading this who haven’t seen it I won’t post my favorite song/s (Rose Tint My World - I’m Going Home) but instead post “Hot Patootie” because (a) It doesn’t ruin any major plot points and (b) I fucking love Meat Loaf.

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