Saturday, June 25, 2011

Matt Kelly's Last Month in PA Volume 7

JUNE 25th

There's been some updates and changes in the final month of Matt Kelly. For starters I am no longer driving to LA. July 3rd a car carrier will be picking up my car and transporting it to Los Angeles. July 6th I will fly out to LA.

Anyway, last night my friends Lauralie, Mark, Ed, Shrop and Graham took me out to Carraba's for dinner. Based on our mutual love of How I met Your Mother we all suited up. Afterwards we went back to Lauralie's house where she muppetized the house. We played Cranium and Things and ate MupCakes.

Thankfully someone took pictures so I'll post them all up here.


"There's Not a Word Yet, For Old Friends Who Just Met". If there's anything that the last month has taught me, it's this. I'm a very blessed person. I have a strong core circle of friends who are sincerely going to miss me. They've turned this month into multiple farewell parties to let me know that they love me. I'm excited to go to LA and I'm excited to make new friends, but I know deep down I'm never going to find friends like the ones I have out here. As we near the final week, the mixture of fear, excitement and sadness has come to a full boil.

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