Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Matt Kelly's Last Month in PA Volume 1

This is the first volume of the "Matt Kelly's Last Month in PA" section of my blog. Each entry will keep you up to date with what I'm doing with my last month in my hometown before moving 3,000 miles away. Based on the fact that my favorite shows are things like Scrubs and How I met Your Mother each entry will end with a "summary" and have a song to accompany it.

June 1st
The other night I found myself watching my High School Senior Memory Tape. For so long I hated high school and I'm still not a fan of it, but whenever I watch that video I'm reminded that it wasn't all bad.

I'm still dealing with writer's lazy. I have ideas but I can't get motivated to write anything besides my articles and blog entries.

I finally found a place to live with my friend and future roommate Brian Walton. Tomorrow I send him our deposit and first month's rent.

I also watched Mr. Show Seasons 1&2, Home Movies Season 2 and South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. The all remind me of the type of quality comedy product I hope to one day release.

Tonight I'm going to Quizzo with Sarah and her husband Will and possibly my friend Caitlin from DE; Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to the mountains for the weekend.

SUMMARY: (accompanied by Ben Fold's Still fighting It)

It seems to me in retrospect; high school wasn't terrible. I made friends with plenty of people and while only a handful I talk to on a semi-regular basis it was worth it. I worked in the TV studio, learned how to edit and in Senior Variety Show I got to enjoy people laughing at jokes I had written. It'd be amazing to think that one day I'll be working on a show like Mr. Show and people I graduated going 'Wow, remember when we went to school with Matt Kelly and he did that Chemistry rap?!" A lot of people want to be famous to 'rub their classmates face in it' as an 'told you so' aspect. But for me I just want to make people go "wow I remember him."

It's impossible to succeed in these goals if I don't get my shit together and write some scripts. But at least I'm moving to the original Dream Factory Los Angeles. I'm frankly terrified about this movie, but once I have a job I'll be much more relaxed about it. I know people don't think it but... I do love my friends and family. I'm going to miss them terribly and every morning I wake up thinking about canceling this move so that I don't have to leave them. However now that a deposit has been placed, backing out is no longer an option.

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  1. Good luck with your writing, I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to write a graphic novel/start a band and have all these ideas but for some reason haven't been able to bang out a script yet or write more than half a song... I'm thinking it will come though, just do a little bit at a time and push through.
    I'm with ya on the high school thing too, mostly. I really hated high school but the reason I really want to make something cool and do something interesting with my life is more to have people think back and go, "Wait... that quiet girl??" in a cool way rather than as some kinda weird revenge. I guess everyone just wants to be remembered, or do something surprising.
    Anyway I'm looking forward to reading your goodbye PA entries... even though I still kind of hate Philly I am kinda homesick now for a little place in NY so I can relate in a way.