Monday, June 6, 2011

Matt Kelly's Last Month in PA Volume 3

June 3rd

After finishing all of the Star Wars Trilogy, Ed decided it was time for me to see the Step Up Trilogy. We however skipped Step Up 1 based on him telling me "The dancing isn't as awesome and it's kinda boring". I was reluctant as we put in Step Up 2: The Streets... but in the first two minutes I saw this!

Fucking incredible! The movie is complete garbage in the realm of plot and acting but the dancing is incredible! It was around this time we got a phone call from Sean and Stacie informing us that they were near so we met up at the pizza place for lunch. I was a little upset because they were only going to be spending the night and then leaving early the next afternoon. We watched some more movies, grilled burgers for dinner and then Shrop arrived.

It was by this point I had a monstrous headache to the point of dizziness but I had to stay awake till Jackie and Pete arrived. As soon as they arrived I went to bed.

June 4th

I woke up and we intended on going to the local water park as soon as George, Lauren and Alyce to arrive. However it was incredibly cold and rainy so that didn't happen. There was a flea market nearby though so we met up with the three of them there. I dropped a few bucks on some Marvel Trading Cards and WWF Cards (both circa 1995) as well as a bunch of old Garbage Pail Kids cards. We then went to the store with Jackie to buy chicken and pasta while everyone else went to the mountain house. When I arrived back the entire house was directed hollywood theme and I was told that Stacie and Sean weren't actually leaving. Hanging in the middle of the living room was a giant "Follow Your Dreams Matt" Banner.

We started cooking burgers for lunch and playing Just Dance on the wii. Shrop and I drove to the nearby "Used Book Store" and I ended up dropping about $20 on 7 books. When I returned we started cooking dinner "Chicken Alfredo and Corn on the Cob". We sat outside to eat and at the end of the meal Sean walked out wearing with a cake for me and they all had shirts made up for me (each one of them was wearing the shirt under their hood). It was without a doubt the nicest thing anyone has done for me.

Finally we sat down to play board games. It was around this time they revealed a DVD that they're finishing up for me called "How I Met Matt Kelly". It was all them telling stories of hanging out, the first time they met me, photographs, videos, it was funny and heartwarming. I'm excited to final get a copy of the final DVD.

The next day we drove home


In my life I've learned that no matter what, your friends will always be there. We constantly focus on the importance of Family, but friends are just as important if not more so. It blows my mind to reflect on how each one of my friends became a part of my life, it's such a long web of "this had to happen" then "this had to happen" etc, etc. Someone like Shrop I literally had 3 different oppurtunities to be friends with before we actually became best friends.

I'm saddened that 4 of my other close friends couldn't be there. Some because of work, some because they live in Japan and some because of well me. I wish those four people could have been there, but there's still 30 more days to see them (except the one in Japan, for Crystal... there's always skype). It took the goodbye from my friends to finally make me ready to make this trip happen. I feel loved but more importantly i feel confident. I feel a confidence you can only receive from the best of friends and I hope that each one of my friends while planning a vacation in the future... thinks Los Angeles.

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  1. What a beautiful entry, Matt. I'm so glad I was able to be a part of the L.A. celebration. You best believe when I plan to go to California, you'll be getting a call. We love you!