Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saint Mort Show Live Flies like a Lead Balloon

Last night was the first ever Saint Mort Show Live. It was described as a 'rough-test run' and it was the most honest and correct description of anything since The Streets said "a Grand Don't Come For Free".

So let's start off with this:

I'm a terrible brother the day of the show was the same night as my youngest sister's high school graduation. So I blew off her party for this event.

The event started at 7:00pm with a performance from horror-core group There Are Monsters. They performed a set exclusively for the wife and daughter of guitarist Jamie. After their performance I assembled my panelists.

What my original plan was this: 7 guests (but in 4 groupings) going up for about 12 minutes at a time. The first guest was my brother Brian. Despite all talk before going up he managed to be completely awkward and unfunny. He did show off his boxers to the audience however and began to have a Q&A with the audience.

My Next Guest was my best friend Jeff Shropshire. He came up on stage and read a chapter from 'Are you There God? It's Me, Margaret' by Judy Blume.

My Next Guests were Ryan Beatty and Matthew Bates. We talked about Ryan getting arrested in high school, his website DD2Night and Matt's recording studio/shitty DVD collection.

There Are Monsters came back on stage to perform two songs and then Matt, Ryan, Brian, Shrop and I discussed a few news stories specifically that the end of the world will be on Oct. 21st, Lady Gaga is insane and Matt explains why he thinks Nolan should have made the newest Batman movie inspired on the Knightfall story arch.

A random guy showed up assuming it was open mic night and we let him play a few songs (and man did he milk that 3 song set).

Finally we did a quizzo portion with the audience which was probably the most entertaining point of the night.

The few people who came (roughly about 15 people) seemed to have a good time; but I'd hardly call the night a success. It was like being on a Cruise Ship... that started sinking... but everyone on the ship enjoyed swimming so no one minded.

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  1. I was one of those 15 people who ventured over to the Coffee Cafe to check out the Saint Mort Show Live. I had no idea what to expect, but I went along for the ride and had a good time. Matt, for a first live show, I thought you did great, and I can't wait for next one. Maybe I'll give the movie trivia a shot, I would love to win an empty DVD case! ;)