Monday, May 2, 2011

I saw the news today oh boy

"Did you hear the Good News!?" exclaimed the student in front of me at work. Now I work awkward hours. It's 230am and I've just gotten home from work. I didn't sleep much last night which was a bad idea, it's the last night before finals. Easily one of the top 3 busiest nights at the campus. I had no clue what news he was talking about, but he seemed excited and despite being pretty tired I humored him and ask "What's the news" and with a smile on his face he said "we finally killed Osama", being tired as I was... I heard Obama and was really confused how this was 'good'. Then he said "Bin Landen" when he saw the confusion on my face and it clicked.

Perhaps the delayed reaction was because Osama bin Laden is a name I hadn't heard in a long time. Or perhaps I was taken aback by the fact that I hadn't received a single text message about it.

This might be a strange assessment but it started to make me question my friends and family and their priorities. I found out about Osama's death at 10:45pm. As of the time of me writing this blog (2:40am), not a single person I know sent me a text informing of the news, but when Heath Ledger died I got about 50 texts within the hour of people telling me.

Let's flash forward to January 22nd, 2008 for a second. It's a day I'll always remember quite vividly, not because I had much of an emotional attachment to heath Ledger, but because what I witnessed was so intensely surreal that I thought I was in a movie. I was sitting in my Public Relations class when a girl raised her hand in the middle of class.

"Ms. Teacher (I'll leave her real name out), I don't mean to interrupt but... my friend just said Heath Ledger died."

now what did my teacher do? Yell at the girl for using her phone in class? complain about this had nothing to do with the less plan? No, she pointed at me and said "Matt, get on google and find out if this is true."

We spent the duration of the class on our laptops following the news reports as they came in. The professor even went as far as using this as a way to discuss to us Public Relations. I'm sure if this was a Math class, it may not have been as "cinematic". This moment in my life was only made mildly more surreal when I saw Scream 4. Early in the movie a bunch of students get texts in class letting them know their class mate was murdered and the professor is unfazed by the interruption and just wants to know "What the big news is".

Either way this is good news. I'm curious how much Fox will twist this, they've already announced it as Obama dead instead of Osama... but I'm looking for the juicer stories like "Obama murders friend Osama" and shit like that.

As for who took Osama out, I salute you... I've concluded it's one of two possible people:

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  1. ha ha ha. Yeah, I found out by fb and then an im. A lot of fb statuses had it, so when I went on fb I was like oh, okay. And then when I got on aim someone imed me. I definitely agree that it'll be twisted around, and that's good you keep an eye out for that and yet also laugh about it! :-) Yeah, we haven't heard about Bin Laden for a while. I saw a license plate months ago that read: Obama Bin Lyin' and I thought it was funny. I don't get caught up in politics, so I just thought it was creative. I don't take any meaning from it. Take care!