Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film - 86. Trick R Treat

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Around 2008 I started hearing people talk about this horror anthology that was supposed to be one of the best horror films in years. Every once and while I’d see a cool still from it and go ‘Man that looks good’. But it felt like every time I heard a release date it’d get pushed back. The rumors were it was either to ‘make room for the Saw Sequels’ or due to the poor box office of Superman Returns (The writer of Trick R Treat co-wrote Superman Returns).
Finally after two years of waiting (but what felt like much more) the movie finally got a DVD release. It quickly became a horror fan favorite, receiving unanimous praise from horror websites, Blood Disgusting even calling it’s direct-to-vide release “criminal”. Two years after it’s release IFC even played the film 24 straight-hours for Halloween. And most importantly I covered it in my 31 Movies of Halloween countdown.
Trick ‘r Treat tells the five short stories about what can happen to you if you fail to follow the rules of Halloween. Each story is good for it’s own merits and it flows from story to story seemlessly with characters from the various tales interacting with each other throughout.
Due to it being an anthology film I’d prefer to not discuss any major details of the movie’s plot-lines and twists. While the film had a quick cult following there are still many people who haven’t seen the film still. What I will say is that this film is definitely one of the best horror films in the last decade (if not THE best), one of the best horror films of all time and writer/director Mike Doherty has proven himself to be the horror director to keep your eye on the most. Never before has a film lived up to the two years of hype I had created.
Since I really don’t want to spoil any of the twists, turns and surprises I’m just going to post the trailer and call it a day today.

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