Thursday, April 19, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 85 - Alligator

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I don’t know what drove me to rent Alligator II: The Mutation when I was a kid. I guess I started getting curious about horror movies and since it was PG-13 it seemed like a safe option. But I enjoyed the idea of big monsters, perhaps stemming from loving Jaws as a kid. So the next week I decided to man up and rent the first Alligator movie.
I guess it was the gorehound in me waiting to come out, but I loved Alligator so much I think I watched it 5 or 6 times before returning the video tape. The gore was just so intense and in your face. Afterward the 5 days were up and I had to return the movie I stayed away from horror for another year when I saw The Frightners and Scream and became a full-on horror fan.
Alligator tells the tale of Police Officer David Madison and Reptile export Marisa Kendall as they try to find and stop a giant Alligator living in the sewers of Chicago. Much like anything by the films of Full Moon Pictures, Alligator has always represented the classic (pre-DVD/Internet) days of movie rental. Pure exploitation at it’s best, over the top performances, and well placed comedy.
After I got back into horror my cousin and I taped Alligator and Alligator 2 off the Sci-Fi channel and watched it repeatedly. We’d even play ‘Alligator’ in the pool. Which is ironic because as I explained in my Movies that Ruined my Childhood entry I discussed how one scene involving a little boy made it so I couldn’t swim at night anymore (something that even now at 26 still doesn’t rub me the right way).
Alligator still remains one of my favorite films of all time. It’s always a pleasure to get to watch it and rewatch. Now if only Alligator 2 would get a DVD release.

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