Thursday, October 7, 2010

Old School Power Down - I'm Stealing my Kisses Back

This Month's Old School Power Down was a short film (50 seconds) that I made with Matt Howard of Racing Kites, My best friend Jeff Shropshire and a friend from school. It was created by Shrop and shot/edited by myself. There's a lot of funny stories behind this short and I forgot to say them all. But here's the cliff notes version:

- Idea stemmed from watching Scrubs
- We didn't tell Alyce about the second half of the video; we just shot her scenes and then shot the rest after she left
- We edited the entire video during a 15 minute drive from Penn State to our friend Ed's house
- Alyce requested we take the video down after the video was the number one thing that came up when you googled her
- That was a year or two ago and her name is nowhere around the video now
- Her and I are still friends for some reason

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