Thursday, February 13, 2014

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 8. Singing In The Rain

8. Singing In the Rain

I realize it’s cliche’ to say this but they don’t make them like this anymore.

There are hundreds of movies that make me think of my grandfather. Sadly most of them I never got a chance to watch with him. When I was a kid I couldn’t be bothered with Musicals and old Black & White films. It wouldn’t be until college when I’d start to give the films a chance.

All I knew about Singing in the Rain was the infamous titular song/sequence. Until college I didn’t even know it was a comedy. However in 2004 I took a film class where we watched a sequence from the movie and I couldn’t stop laughing. I immediately netflixed the film.

The film follows Donald Lockwood and his best friend Cosmo Brown during the 1920s. Donald is the biggest name in silent films but with the release of The Jazz Singer they need to make a talkie. While Donald is a talented actor his co-star Lina Lamont has one of the most obnoxious  voices in hollywood. 

Donald, Cosmo and Donald’s girlfriend Kathy write a lovely little musical. The studio takes advantage of Kathy’s beautiful singing/speaking voice and hires her to dub over Lina’s unbearable voice. 

It genuinely is the type of films I love. I miss this era of film making. The stars are so charming specifically the irresistible Debbie Reynolds and the hilarious Rita Moreno as the Zip Girl Zelda Zanders. Incredible dance sequences and just an all round feel good experience. In 2004 watching this for the first time I was just as captivated as ever.

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