Tuesday, February 11, 2014

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 8. Mewithoutyou - A ----> B Life

8. Mewithoutyou: A--->B Life

I’m pretty sure I’ve given the details of how I discovered MeWithoutYou in a previous write up but to quickly sum up. I heard their song Gentleman on a comp and fell in love with it. I immediately picked up a copy of their debut album A--->B Life

Lead singer Aaron Weiss is upset. I’ve never figured out what has him so upset but I know it’s most likely about a woman. Now was this woman an ex-fiance or simply a girl he obsessed over but throughout the 12 tracks (linked together as one long song) we follow the steady breakdown of man all the way to the eventual closing track with the acceptance to that pain.

Weiss is a fantastic songwriter and lyrics throughout A-->B Life are undefinably his greatest work of art. He paints a picture of an obsessed and potentially dangerous person in the song Gentleman as well as a depressed and fragile woman in Silencer.

It’s hard to discuss this record though, it’s an emotional experience that words don’t do justice for. MeWithoutYou isn’t for everyone but they people who will like this stuff will LOVE it.

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