Tuesday, January 22, 2013

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 54. Violent Femmes

54. Violent Femmes

I remember hating Violent Femmes at first. I considered them wuss rock in Junior High. By the time I reached High School however I loved them BECAUSE they were wuss rock. Their self-titled debut is their masterpiece (which shouldn’t be a shock). The album  contains their 3 biggest mainstream hits as well 3 fan favorites. 

I remember laying awake listening to y100 at night and hearing Blister in the Sun and Add it Up constantly. Despite being songs from the 80’s the completely represented the “alternative rock” sound more than most alternative artists of the 90’s did. 

This is an angsty album with songs like Kiss Off and Gimme the Car. Gordon Gano pulls his aggression out and spills it across the pad and paper through the entire album. The albums not all pissed off rage however, songs like Please Do Not Go and Prove My Love are beautiful little ditties of high school love. 

The band has had a fair share of bitter feuds and a couple disappointing albums but I think the fact that the band went 9 years without releasing hardly any new material before breaking up 4 years ago is the most disappointing. 

Whenever I write a song it’s always with the hope it’ll come out sounding like something on this record or it’s follow-up Hollowed Grounds. So far I haven’t come close.

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