Thursday, June 14, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 77. The Baxter

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In 2009 I wrote an article called It’s Suckie Being Duckie (which I rewrote last year). The article was originally written for my editorial column at my college newspaper. Immediately after I wrote the article about three or four different people told me I needed to see the film The Baxter. When I saw the cast (basically a state reunion) I immediately threw it on my netflix queue. 
The Baxter is modern day screwball comedy about Elliot Sherman (Michael Showalter).  Every girl he’s ever been with has left him for their ex-boyfriend only to live happily ever after. He’s currently engaged to the beautiful Caroline Swann (Elizabeth Banks), however her ex-boyfriend Bradley (Justin Theroux) has just returned to town and Elliot’s fears have come to the forefront again. When his friends Ed (Michael Ian Black) and Louis (David Wain) fail to comfort him he opens up to Cecil Mills (Michelle Williams) the quirky but beautiful intern at his work.
The film is the definition of nice guys finish last. Elliot is a good hearted man who is sadly ‘safe’. He constantly loses out to a more dangerous and exciting guy. I can relate to the story for sure.
The film is a brilliant breath of fresh air for romantic comedies. Michael Showalter tapped into his inner Howard Hughes/Frank Capra in the script of this film. It’s beautifully structured around old time humor and Showalter’s background with The State. 
Sadly the Baxter did so poorly in critics and box office that Showalter has since walked away from film only making brief appearances in movies for his friends. Regardless of that, this is the masterpiece of all the films from the State in story, character and structure.

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