Friday, January 6, 2012

Top Movies of 2001

All I can say about this movie is that I love romantic comedies and John Cusack. The film's not perfect but the all star cast is enjoyable. It's worth watching just to see Christopher Walken and Billy Crystal absolutely steal the show.

Before he was Jack Sparrow and adored by everyone Johnny Depp was known for his more darker and atmospheric film choices (many of them being directed by friend Tim Burton). From Hell is equal parts horror, murder mystery and love story. It follows the investigation of Jack the Ripper, one of the few serial killers to have never been caught. The movie tells you who they (and many others) believe Jack the Ripper was, but even with that added aspect the film is intense and all round delightful

Peter Jackson's adaptation of the Lord of the Rings is one of the most impressive films franchises of all time. From start to finish Jackson remained loyal to the source material and created one of the most impressive fantasy worlds even filmed. While I think Fellowship of the Ring is the weakest of the three films, it's still a masterpiece in it's own right.

Richard Kelly is a one hit wonder, and if you watch the director's cut he's actually a no hit wonder. Regardless of that, Richard Kelly's editor helped create an intriguing science fiction film that intelligently discusses time travel and uses it to tell a touching story of self-sacrifice. It's usage of Gary Jules' cover of Mad World is beautifully used to end the film

Moulin Rouge is one of the strangest but most whimsical movies of the 21st Century. Over the last decade there has yet to be a movie to have this level of bizarre casting, scenery and musical numbers. The film uses modern classics to express love and emotion throughout this delightful film that will stick with you for years to come.
It's generally stated that sequels suck. This is mostly true but sometimes, it's false, such is the case with American Pie 2. In many ways I find American Pie 2 more enjoyable. It makes a statement that most teen flicks don't have the guts to say, Sometimes people peak at High School. It's an adorable love story mixed in with gross out comedy that leads to an overly enjoyable hour and 40 minutes.

I absolutely love this movie, I even wrote a Guilty Pleasures column on it. This movie is funnier and wittier than it had any right of being. It's full of winks and nods at the music industry specifically in the year 2001. It's a must see.

I never had a desire to watch this movie until I read Chuck Klosterman's Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs. Klosterman raved about this film that was otherwise despised by critics and fans alike. I didn't understand the hatred, admittedly it's not as good as the original spanish film but Cameron Crowe but his own unique twist onto this film.

There has been few films that confused and amazed me as much as Memento. I was in 10th grade and my girlfriend at the time gave me her copy to watch. Within the first five minutes I was completely amazed by what I was watching. After we break up I recommended the movie to another friend who made the mistake of trying to watch it while she had a fever. I had to re-explain most of the movie to her.

Wes Anderson has one of the most impressive starting track-records of any director. Bottle Rocket is a delightful indie film, Rushmore is one of the funniest films of the 90's and then he kicked off the 2000's with his most impressive and stylistic film. Royal Tenenbaums is a nice blend of humor and drama leading to Anderson's masterpiece. While I still love his films many believe that since Royal Tenenbaums he's continued to repeat the same style since. I think he's doing just fine.

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