Thursday, January 12, 2012

100 Movies That Made Me Love Film: 99 - A Goofy Movie

For the next 2 years, every Thursday I will be counting down the 100 Movies that changed my life.

At the time that I’m writing this I’ve just had a very stressful phone conversation with an operator about my student loans. After a very stressful and anger fueled conversation I wanted to simply put on something that would calm me down and make me happy, so I was happy to be reminded that A Goofy Movie was the next movie to cover on my list.

A Goofy Movie is a very strange film. If you’re between the ages of 18-25 this is your favorite Disney movie, but if you’re older or younger than that age... you don’t even know this movie exists it seems. What’s strange about this is that this movie really set the standard for how we as a generation know Goofy. I honestly don’t remember if Goofy Troop came out before or after this movie, or if it was part of a tie in with the film. Regardless this movie completely changed the dynamic between Goofy and Pete who started off as arch-enemies and instead turned into friends (though Pete still takes advantage of Goofy)

A Goofy Movie tells the story of Max, Goofy’s son. He’s an unpopular high school student who plans an elaborate stunt with his friends P.J. and Bobby in order to get the attention of his crush Roxanne. He gets caught by the principal who calls Goofy and tells him that Max is a deliquient.

Goofy begins to question how good of a father he is and decided to take Max fishing that summer. These plans couldn’t come at a worse time as Max finally gets asked out by Roxanne and is forced to decline. However so he doesn’t sound like a geek he lies and says he’s actually attending the Powerline concert and going backstage. Goofy and Max have an emotional road trip, filled with tourist traps, angry fights and near death experiences but in the end learn to love each other for their differences.

A Goofy Movie received mostly mixed and negative reviews from critics and did an average box office. Regardless of this the film has developed a cult following. People love the movie, know it word for word, sing the songs and even tape elaborate recreations of scenes from the movie!

For me the film will always be that cartoon that I loved while I was an age where you weren’t supposed to like cartoons. I kept it as a dirty little secret for years. Then one day in college I over heard a friend singing After Today and finally felt okay with openly talking about my love of this film. Since then I’ve found more and more people who were closeted fans.

While it’s not as important as The Jungle Book or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, it will always be my most loved Disney cartoon.

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