Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RetroActive Book Review: Animorphs #2 - The Visitor

Animorphs Book #2: The Visitor

As I said previously I am really excited to be revisiting this series having loved it so much as a kid. Book 2 is narrated by Rachel who for some reason I remember her being my least favorite narrator. About 15 years later I can see why I felt this way, her narration is very awkward and reminds me of all the female Goosebumps narrators that I can’t stand. There’s always a competitiveness in those characters that makes the narration seem painfully forced.

It’s a decent enough story. At the end of the first book they discovered that the Principal of the school was a controller. Rachel’s best friend was the principals daughter so they decide she should morph into her cat in order to spy on the Yeerks.

Not a ton happens as far as action scenes but I was shocked by the emotional notes of this book. It examines a broken home as well as parents who will do ANYTHING for their child and an intense way.

But this particular book does not push the storyline anywhere so there’s not much more to say about it. 

I recall the next book “The Encounter” being my favorite book. I used to love Tobais’ narration. Let’s see how it holds up!
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