Thursday, March 27, 2014

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film - 2. Garden State

2. Garden State

I feel like there is going to be two reactions to this. Half of the people reading this are close friends who are thinking “Of Course Garden State is #2... I totally know what #1 will be now” and there’s others going “you put _______ and ______ below Garden State? What a fucking Hipster”

The fact of the matter is that while I understand people’s reasons for hating this movie it had a massive effect on my life. I’m going to avoid discussing the soundtrack as I did that a few weeks ago but I do want to say that the songs are so perfectly selected and well placed that it’s become impossible for me to hear the songs and not immediately see the sequences from the movie play out in my brain. 

Andrew Largeman is from New Jersey but living in California (and has been for years). When his mother dies he must return home to pay his respects. While there he battles with demons of his past, falls in love and reconnects with old friends.

The movie was written and directed by Zach Braff. I remember seeing the trailer and thinking “I must see this movie”. It didn’t tell you anything about the movie just used a great song and creative imagery but regardless I was drawn in. I remember the day I saw it, I was about to graduate high school and I was completely unsure of my future. I was going to a community college, didn’t know what I was going to go to school for and for some reason the silent suffering of Braff completely touched my heart and said ‘You’re Not Alone”. 

My love of Garden State only grew when I was in college and I bought the DVD the day it was released. I watched the movie every day for a month so much that now as it’s almost ten years old I’m struck with pings of nostalgia. Garden State is what lead me to watching Scrubs that eventually became my favorite TV show. One could argue that Zach Braff was the backbone to my entire writing career.

Garden State became the movie that made me want to create. I’ve always wanted to make movies and while Clerks was the first film that made me say “it’s possible to make a movie with your best friends”, Garden State always inspires me to sit down and write about my life. Even as I write this I’ve got a new movie idea brewing in my brain to write. 

I accept that people will almost always make fun of me or call me Hipster because of how much I love this movie, but that doesn’t bother me anymore.

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