Tuesday, August 28, 2012

100 Albums That Make Me Love Music: 66. Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman

The first time I heard of Cat Stevens was from a “Songs of the 70’s” commercial which played the first 10 seconds of the chorus to Wild World. The song seemed catchy but forgettable to me. When I started high school and joined the TV studio the head of the Studio Mr. Finn always talked about how Cat Stevens was one of his favorite musicians. So when I found my dad’s cassette of Cat Stevens Greatest Hits I gave it a listen and feel in love with his soothing voice. 

I’d listen to that cassette constantly (specifically Father & Son), but I never went out to pick up his albums. The greatest hits cassette was good enough for me. That is until I was a senior and Mr. Finn showed me Harold & Maude. I immediately fell in love with the movie and more importantly the music.

I started picking up various Cat Stevens records but the best was Tea For the Tillerman, an album that has been voted one of the greatest albums of all time by MULTIPLE music magazines and websites. And with good reason...

Tea for the Tillerman contains some of Cat Stevens biggest hits (specifically Father & Son, Wild World and Where do the Children Play?) as well as the most heartwarming songs as well. 

My personal favorite track is Miles From Nowhere. The soft song has always had a profound effect on me whenever I hear it. The titular closing track is also a long time favorite of mine. 

If you’re not a Cat Stevens fan, this is the perfect album to start with anyway.

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