Thursday, July 12, 2012

100 Movies That Make Me Love Film: 73. Orgazmo

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73. Orgazmo
Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a pretty unstoppable streak of perfection. From Cannibal the Musical, to South Park to Book of Mormon they very rarely disappoint. One of their finest films though is sadly also one of their lesser known films, Orgazmo.
The film covers one of their favorite topics Mormons. It also mixes in their Indie film crash-course knowledge from Cannibal the Musical plus the celebrity connections they awared from Lloyd Kaufman (who has a cameo)... aka they got Ron Jeremy.
The film follows Joe Young a mormon on missionary through Los Angeles. One day he knocks on the door of famed porn director Maxxxx Orbison who is in the middle of filming his superhero porn star film Orgazmo. Due to his frustration at Joe’s interruption he sends guards against him. Joe’s impressive Kung Fu skills convinces Orbison that instead of beating him up, he should become the new Orgazmo in their film. 
Despite it being against his religion Joe takes the job to allow him to marry his fiance’. He strikes up a friendship with his co-star Ben Chapleski (aka Choda Boy), a secret computer genius/inventor who got into porn to have sex with women. Ben has invented a working version of the Orgazmo ray which impresses Joe.
They find out that Maxxx is evil and with the help of thugs have been wrecking havoc throughout Los Angeles (including strongarming their friend’s sushi bar). Ben and Joe decide to become Orgazmo and Choda Boy for real.
What makes Orgazmo work is that it’s a sincere satirical look at the porn industry, a parody on action films and successful comedy. Having worked with porn stars in my career (I worked for a PR agency that’s clients were predominately porn-stars) I can tell you that many elements of the ‘film sets’, ‘scripts’ and well thought out camera angles are very real to this taboo world of cinema.
While making this film Trey and Matt found out South Park had been picked up and their lives were changed forever. The Combination of having to focus on South Park plus the MPAA’s unfair NC-17 rating made this film a small release thus it never got the exposure it deserves but he has developed a nice cult following.

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