Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 Movies That Made Me Love Film: 96. Ghostbusters

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96. Ghostbusters

I can not for the life of me remember why or how I saw Ghostbusters for the first time. I remember that the first time I watched it the opening sequence with the librarian scared me shitless. That being said I can’t remember if I watched this because of the cartoon (I can only assume so) or if I watched this first. I guess that’s not that important though.

I loved this movie. The beginning scared me to death as I said, but it is one of my earliest memories of being scared and enjoying it. I also adored the sequel (which many people hate). There’s something about the mid-80’s films that make them live on much stronger than newer films. You can meet people of all ages that adore movies like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future. Normally when people discuss the concept of making a sequel or a reboot of a classic film, people get up in arms and angry, however with Ghostbusters people are begging for part 3 or a reboot in the future.

Since there’s a chance some of you have never heard of or seen this movie (hahahahahahhahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahah) here’s a brief summary. Three scientists discover ghosts are real and create a way to capture them. They start a company to take care of ghost problems and government officials try to stop them. There’s also an ancient demon attacking the town. SPOILER ALERT: at the end they save the day.

Ghostbusters is a delightful comedy with minor horror elements. For some reason it’s constantly being referred to by a Science Fiction Comedy, but outside of the fact that the main characters are scientists I don’t really get that title.

The real stars of the movie are the ghosts. I will never understand the CGI craze and I’ll never support it. I’ve never seen a CGI ghost in a horror film look as cool, realistic or interesting as the puppeteer work and creature designs in this and Ghostbuster 2.

While people really seem to hate the sequel, I personally love it. It’s definitely not better than the original but it’s full of great laughs and scares and that’s all that you really want out of these movies.

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