Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shameless Attempt At Being Quoted on the Shark Night 3-D-VD

Okay, before reading this please note that this movie is awful, like... really awful. The only good thing about this movie is watching it with friends that will make you laugh. However I'm an attention whore and think that based on this movies shitty reviews, I can possibly be quoted on their DVD cover. So... yeah. Don't see this movie.


Dear Lord, you must see this movie! It has to be seen to be believed. It's a non-stop thrill ride. But it also makes you laugh. David E. Ellis has truly out-done himself. The film truly has a lot of depth (see what I did there? Depth? like water!).

Shark Night 3D tells the heart breaking tale for 7 college friends, who spend a weekend at a lake house. They have plans to celebrate their friend becoming a top ten prospect. There are plans of engagement, hook-ups and drinking. But their perfect weekend is ruined by a bunch of sharks loose in the lake. You really feel for this characters emotionally (really you don't) and want to see them survive (they could all die for all I care).

Where did these sharks come from? What motive could have driven someone to put them there? Well the answer will shock you. It's a brilliant twist however. An incredible social commentary on pop culture's effect on ourselves.

A well-done most see film for everyone to enjoy (but seriously don't waste money on this)

If you want to see the original shark night 3D I recommend reading my article on Jaws 3-D on


  1. It would have helped if the writer knew something about sharks...

  2. Wait Robert? Are you trying to tell me that sharks don't bite off arms and leave them at the bottom of the ocean completely intact?